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Police Warn Parents Could Face Prosecution over Illegally Ridden Off Road Vehicles

Parents are being warned that they could be prosecuted if off-road vehicles are ridden illegally.

The warning comes as Christmas approaches, when many people think of buying off-road bikes, quad bikes, scooters and other small machines that have petrol engines as well as mini motos and go peds as presents.

The off-road vehicles can be seized if ridden without insurance or on land where it is not permitted, under the Road Traffic Act 1988, which could leave youngsters disappointed.

In 2013 so far, officers from the Cleveland Police motorcycle section have seized more than 40 off-road vehicles, with more being seized by district officers.

Inspector Lee Rukin, from the Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit, said: “Many people can be unaware of the responsibilities and laws around owning off-road vehicles. We would encourage those who are intending to purchase an off-road bike, a quad bike, a mini moto or go ped to do their background research first.

“The most common misconceptions are that they can be ridden on a road or on public land and that no insurance is needed. This is not true. You need insurance when in control of a motor vehicle in a public place. Parents could be prosecuted for permitting their child to ride on a road or public place, which could affect their own car or bike insurance.

“The only place where off-road vehicles can be lawfully ridden is private land with the direct permission of the land owner or at an organised and supervised off-road centre. We don’t want to disappoint any children, but if we need to seize an off-road vehicle due to it being ridden illegally then we will.

“Obviously we would also advise that riders wear full protective clothing at all times and a helmet which fits correctly and is securely fastened.”

In Cleveland, complaints regarding off-road bikes can include anything from damage being caused to crops and green belts, noise pollution which is sometimes at antisocial hours, stolen bikes and the general risk of danger to members of the public and animals. In August this year, the Force received nearly 400 calls regarding the anti-social use of off-road vehicles.

Land Rover Spring Adventure 2014

The Annual Land Rover Spring Adventure, held by Land Rover International, is moving to a new location!

Last year the Land Rover Spring Adventure moved from its former location in Driffield to a new location at the Great Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate (the location on the Yorkshire Show). This year the show has moved to another location at Ripley Castle, Harrogate.

The Land Rover Spring Adventure 2014 is moving up a gear and is moving to Ripley Castle, Harrogate. The new location has excellent facilities on site for both exhibitors and visits alike and is situation only 3 miles from Harrogate.

This years show will be held on the 17th – 18th May 2014 – Ripley Castle, Harrogate.

1 Million Land Rovers Built at Halewood Factory

1,000,000 vehicles built at Halewood since 2001 including, Jaguar X-Type, Land Rover Freelander 2 and Range Rover Evoque.
Milestone vehicle will be a unique Range Rover Evoque, donated to Cancer Research UK.
A record breaking 220,000 Range Rover Evoques built in just 24 months brings 1m milestone to Halewood ahead of original forecast schedule.

Halewood, UK: Jaguar Land Rover is celebrating the production of the 1,000,000th Jaguar Land Rover vehicle at its Halewood advanced manufacturing facility, near Liverpool, today (25th November 2013).

The 1,000,000 vehicle is a unique Range Rover Evoque, painted in a special one-off colour combination and will be donated to Cancer Research UK. The vehicle is a Fuji-White, Dynamic with ebony-black alloy wheels and distinctive and unique Firenze-Red contrast roof, matching Firenze-Red mirror scalps and red/black sports seats and interior door panels.

Global demand for Range Rover Evoque has exceeded expectations with 18,000 advanced orders before job 1 on 4 July 2011. With continued demand for Evoque and growing sales of Land Rover Freelander 2, this production milestone was achieved earlier than predicted. Production volume at Halewood has increased significantly over the past 12 months due to 24 hour working, bringing the arrival of the 1,000,000 vehicle ahead of original forecasts.

Between 2001 and 2009, 363,603 Jaguar X-Type and X-Type Estates were manufactured at Halewood. The Jaguar X-Type was Jaguar’s best-selling model during much of its production run and was Jaguar’s first compact executive car for 50 years. In 2002, the Jaguar X-Type Diesel 2.0 was launched and made history for the company as Jaguar’s first ever diesel model. Also in 2002 the Jaguar X-Type Estate was launched, again making history as Jaguar’s first ever estate vehicle.

In 2003 the X-Type achieved best in class Paint Appearance in the JD Power US survey, a hotly contended and sought after prize, which was retained in 2004 and again in 2006. In 2005 Halewood celebrated another significant manufacturing award, this time with the JD Power European Gold Plant Award in Recognition of X-Type’s excellent quality. In 2006 the 2.2 Diesel was launched and in December 2009 the last Jaguar X-Type drove off the line at Halewood.

In 2005 manufacturing preparation works commenced, following significant investment by Land Rover, for the production of the all new Land Rover Freelander 2. On 25 October 2006 the Land Rover Freelander 2 Job 1 drove off the production line and was welcomed into the world by Premier League footballers from Liverpool Football Club. In May 2012 Halewood celebrated the 300,000 production milestone. The global demand for Freelander 2 continues today and it has been one of Land Rover’s most popular models with 381,211 being manufactured to date.

In July 2011 Halewood, and the world, welcomed the arrival of the Range Rover Evoque. The smallest, most efficient production Range Rover ever made. When the Evoque started life it had already generated an exceptional market response with more than 18,000 advance orders from customers worldwide. Waiting lists for the car peaked at 12 months for some markets during the second half of 2011. As a result of this demand, Halewood Operations moved to 24 hour production for the first time in its 50 year history. The Evoque has received over 130 global awards and is the biggest selling Jaguar Land Rover vehicle, breaking Jaguar Land Rover production volume records in both of its first two years of production. Halewood has manufactured 255,186 to date.

Richard Else, Operations Director, Halewood, said: “We are delighted to be celebrating this huge milestone for Halewood. This unique Evoque looks stunning and is a one-off vehicle that will raise money for Cancer Research UK projects here in the North West.”

“Over the past few years many of the families of my growing team have been impacted by various forms of cancer. This milestone vehicle, built with pride at Halewood, will help raise much needed funds to help eradicate this dreadful disease.”

The 1,000,000th vehicle will be donated to Cancer Research UK, who will take ownership of the vehicle later in the year. The CRUK team will be placing the car in a special auction event in 2014. Details of the event will be revealed in the new year and funds raised from the vehicle will then be spent on CRUK projects in the North West of England.

Cancer Research UK funds world-class research and clinical trials throughout the North West and last year spent nearly £21 million supporting the work of doctors, nurses and scientists at hospitals and major universities in the region. Every hour more than four people in the North West are diagnosed with cancer.

Head of Volunteer Fundraising at Cancer Research UK, Simon O’Leary, said: “We are incredibly grateful to Jaguar Land Rover for thinking of us and making such a generous gift. Cancer Research UK receives no government funding for its life-saving research, so every step we make towards beating cancer relies on every pound donated. The money raised by the auction of the car will make a real difference in the fight against cancer.”

Off Roading Is Great, But How About Off Earthing??

Normally I post about off roading, due to the nature of this site, but I couldn’t help share this with you all.

We all know and have used google earth program in the past to explore the earth. first thing we all do is find our homes, then friends homes, then the wonders of the world, maybe even use it to see where we are going on holiday or to help plan a green laneing trip, but did you know that you can now use google earth to explore off earth locations??

The ultimate offroader, in my opinion, has to have been the lunar explorer (moon buggy) as this took offroading to a whole new dimension, but man kind also has a new breed of offroaders exploring Mars. These unmanned Mars Rovers, including the rover the drew the large penis on the surface of Mars, have been exploring the surface of Mars and gathering data. The data these off earthers have been discovering, and the photos they have taken have been beamed back to earth for analysis by NASA and has since been made available to the public. The Mar exploration team have also employed satellites similar to googles imagery satellites to explore and take photos of the Mars Surface. These images again have been made public, and the good people at Google have made us all a new Google Earth Mars Edition to allow us to explore Mars!


Click the above link and have an out of this world adventure!