Expedition Vehicle Expo Die offroad Messe ► | Trade Show Abenteuer Allrad Bad Kissingen 2021

Expedition Vehicle Expo Die offroad Messe ► | Trade Show Abenteuer Allrad Bad Kissingen 2021

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In this episode, we went to the amazing trade show / Messe Abenteuer Allrad in Bad Kissingen. We never saw in one place so many different expedition vehicles. Really a must to go for any person thinking of buying an expedition vehicle. This trade show is all about offroading and camping. You will love it! Should you be interested in the companies at this show please check out some tours on our channel listed below. Sign in to our newsletter and leave a message if you want some feedback on your expedition vehicle choice!
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Source: Expedition Vehicle Expo Die offroad Messe ► | Trade Show Abenteuer Allrad Bad Kissingen 2021