Hi-Lift Jack accessories

There are several accessories for your Hi-Lift jack that are very useful in aiding you recover you vehicle offroad.

These accessories include:

Offroad Base, which offer a larger base for your jack. This aids and helps stop the jack from digging into soft ground and makes the jack more secure on loose surfaces.

Bumper Lift, which attaches to your Hi-Lift jack and allows for lifting from jack-able bumpers

Jack Mate, which allows the hi-lift jack to be able to lift a wheel directly

Handle Keeper, which keeps the handle in place when not in use, it useful when offroading as the handle are know the rattle when on bumpy surfaces.

Offroad Kit, Which aids when using your lift as a winch. Kit contains winch accessories, tree saver, gloves and a robust bag to store it in.

Jack Protector, A bag to store your jack which help maintain it when in storage.

4xRack, a mounting solutions for mounting your jack to a flat surface including racks and bumpers.

LocRac, A locking solutions to secure and lock you jack to your vehicle

Fix-It-Kit, spare shear pins for serving and repairing your hi-lift jack.

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