Hi-lift Jack General Safety

A Hi-lift jack can be dangerous and cause serious injury if not used correctly. Before using your Hi-lift jack please follow the following general safety instructions and read the user manual before use. Do not allow anyone who has not read the manual, and/or does not understand the requirements, use the jack.

hilift jack


• Do not allow bystanders around the jack or under the load supported only by the jack.

• Inspect the jack carefully before each use. Ensure the jack is not damaged, excessively worn, or missing parts.
• Check the climbing pins to make sure that they are not worn or damaged.
• Check the steel standard bar to make sure that it is straight and that nothing is blocking the steel standard bar holes.
• Do not use the jack unless it is in good clean working condition.
• Do not use the jack unless it is properly lubricated.
• Using a jack that is not in good clean working condition or properly lubricated may cause serious injury.

Chock and Block (Stabilize)
A chock is a wedge for steadying an object and holding it motionless, or for preventing the movement of a wheel. Chock the wheel opposite the end being lifted.

When you block a load, you secure and support a load that is being lifted. The block(s) or stabilizer(s) should have a weight capacity that is greater than the weight of the load which is being lifted. Do not use the jack to support the load.

You can download a copy of the manual here jack_instructions.

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