How to and when to Lock your Auto Hubs.

With Auto locking hubs remember that when you ® reverse in 2H, you unlock your hubs, when you go to change into 4H you will have to stop then select 4H.

If your Auto Locking Hubs are Locked, then you can change between 2H and 4H with out having to stop, but remember when you reverse in 2H they unlock

How to Lock your Auto Hubs.

1. Stop your 4×4
2. move the small gear lever in to 4H position.
3. select 1st or ® reverse, depending on the direction you want to go, them move off.

Do not select 4L while moving As you run the risk of saying good bye to you engine. the gear ratios are different in 4L as to 4H

How to Unlock you Auto Hubs

1. stop your 4×4
2. select 2H
3. Select ® reverse, and move back 1-2 feet.

Use 4H on gravel, Snow, muddy tracks or wet/Ice Roads

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