Land Rover 6×6 Painting The Galvanized bulkhead

Land Rover 6×6 Painting The Galvanized bulkhead

In the last Land Rover 6×6 bulkhead post we covered repairing the top corners, footwells and A posts.  Since then we have had the bulkhead galvanized along with some other brackets, gearbox cross member and spring mounts.

So now it’s time to get the bulkhead painted.



One very shiny bulkhead!



Firstly all the holes need to be drilled out of excess zinc, as the molton zinc collects in holes and corners when you get an object galvanized. The vent panel hinges are a bit hard to get to because they are so close to the top rail and a drill chuck will mark the galvanized coating, so I find using a drill bit and pair of pliers or a 1/4 ratchet and spinning it manually does the job.



I applied a coat of Mordant Solution or T-wash as other people call it, this removes the shine and leaves a dull matt finish that will accept paint.



Trial fitment just to make sure the bulkhead still fits and that the galvanizing process has not warped it. I also fitted the galvanized gearbox cross member at the same time.



2K etch primer is the next stage. Don’t skimp on quality when it comes to paint.



Etch primed and ready for seam sealer.



I use Stixall (a hybrid polymer) for seam sealing, gaskets, aluminium bonding and vertually anything that needs sealing or bonding. It’s really good for sealing Land Rover hard tops aswell. The finished colour is to be alpine white, so this is ideal.


Now I coated the footwells with Ixell stone chip, this helps cut down on panel noise and adds long term protection to the steel. It can be over painted.


A good coat of white paint on the under side so I can fit the bulkhead onto the chassis.



Bulkhead is fitted to the chassis. This will help me prepare the bulkhead top and A posts for their top coat of paint. I used a small amount of filler around the top corner repair sections under the vent panels where the galvanizing had warped the steel.



All the steel parts like steering column, pedals, and heater unit need rust treating and painting before they can be fitted back onto the bulkhead.



Metalmorphosis time!



2 coats of our Metalmorphosis will cure the rust.



After 24 hours cure time I sprayed 2 coats of etch primer onto the column. Once all the other bulkhead parts are treated I will spray them all satin black.


For the final top coat of paint for the bulkhead I used 2k (2 pack) for a tough durable, glass like finish. Then once hardened all the brackets, pedals, wiring ,steering etc can be fitted back onto the bulkhead.

If your like me and look closely at pictures you will see a transfer box in the background, there will be more about this in a later post but in brief, I have swopped Defender 1.4 ratio for a 1.22 ratio more commonly found on a Range Rover or Discovery, this will give better cruising speed and increase MPG.

I will cover the strip down and rebuild of the LT230 transfer box shortly.

Cheers! James

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