Land Rover Discovery Modification Guide

Land Rovers are known as one of the best vehicles for offroading and Discovery is no exception. The Land Rover Discovery is a capable offroad vehicle, but in its standard for is limited to basic greenlanes/farm tracks. For the more routed greenlanes or serious offroading some modifications are required.


If you are looking to modify your Land Rover discovery then this guide will help you get your Discovery offroad capable without removing any of the comfort.

The Discovery, unveiled in 1989, quickly became the ultimate 4×4 vehicle competing in both the family and the off-road markets. But the true spirit of the Discovery is found in its off-road ability, which can be enhanced with a huge range of modifications that are easily available. Let Haynes show you how to create the ultimate show-stopping, performance-enhanced vehicle that could very easily take you to the end of the world and back – in more ways than one!

Land Rover Discovery Modifying Manual (Haynes Service and Repair Manuals) you can get your self a copy here and get your self off road in your Land Rover Discovery

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