Maintaining Your Hi-Lift Jack

If you use and maintain your Hi-Lift jack properly, it will give you many years of service. Follow the maintenance instructions carefully to keep your jack in good working condition. NEVER PERFORM MAINTENANCE

Inspecting Your Hi-Lift

You should inspect the jack for damage, wear, broken or missing parts (e.g.: climbing pins) and functionality before each use. Follow lubrication and storage instructions for optimum jack performance.

Cleaning Your Hi-Lift

If the moving parts of the jack or the standard bar are clogged, use air pressure, water pressure, or a stiff brush to clean. Use a non-flammable cleaning solvent or another good de-greaser to clean the jack. Remove any existing rust, preferably with a penetrating lubricant.

Lubricating Your Hi-Lift

Using the jack without proper lubrication will result in poor performance and damage to the jack. The jack is not self-lubricating, inspect the jack before use and lubricate when necessary. After cleaning, lubricate the jack using light penetrating oil, or a silicon or Teflon spray


If the climbing pins start to bind and stick in the holes of the standard bar the jack will not operate properly and safely. Rusty climbing pins, dirt, or worn bar can be causes of binding.

Clean and lubricate the lifting mechanism as indicated in the Lubrication section. Test the jack by lifting it up without a load. If the binding continues, send it to our Factory Service for repair. If the jack binds while
under a load, use a jack with equal or larger load capacity to lower the load safely to the ground. After unbinding the jack clean, lubricate and test as described at the start of this paragraph.

Storing Your Hi-Lift Jack

1. Place the handle in the upright clipped position against the steel standard bar.

2. Raise the reversing latch until it locks in the up position.

3. Store in the upright clipped position in a dry location, preferably indoors.

Tip: If the jack is stored outdoors, consider using a Hi-Lift protective cover accessory.

Storing the Equipment-Agricultural Jack

1. Pivot the Equipment-Agriculture jack to a horizontal position. Rest the steel handle of the Equipment-Agricultural jack on top of the steel standard bar.

2. Secure the jack in this position with the lock-pin through the holes in the tubular mounting bracket.

3. Secure the lock-pin in the tubular mounting brackets with the safety cotter pin.


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