Off Roading Is Great, But How About Off Earthing??

Normally I post about off roading, due to the nature of this site, but I couldn’t help share this with you all.

We all know and have used google earth program in the past to explore the earth. first thing we all do is find our homes, then friends homes, then the wonders of the world, maybe even use it to see where we are going on holiday or to help plan a green laneing trip, but did you know that you can now use google earth to explore off earth locations??

The ultimate offroader, in my opinion, has to have been the lunar explorer (moon buggy) as this took offroading to a whole new dimension, but man kind also has a new breed of offroaders exploring Mars. These unmanned Mars Rovers, including the rover the drew the large penis on the surface of Mars, have been exploring the surface of Mars and gathering data. The data these off earthers have been discovering, and the photos they have taken have been beamed back to earth for analysis by NASA and has since been made available to the public. The Mar exploration team have also employed satellites similar to googles imagery satellites to explore and take photos of the Mars Surface. These images again have been made public, and the good people at Google have made us all a new Google Earth Mars Edition to allow us to explore Mars!


Click the above link and have an out of this world adventure!


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