Rock Crawling – Basic Tutorial / Guide How To

Rock Crawling is a form of off road driving that can range from driving over small bolder to extreme size bolder and walls of rocks.


  1. Get the right equipment. Obviously you are going to need a capable offroad 4×4 vehicle.
  2. Locate a local offroad site that offers rock crawling. The terrain is important here. The trail should have good terrain along with obstacles to offer the rock crawlers variation.
  3. Take an experienced spotter with you. You will need someone to watch you over the rocks to help stop damage and find you an way over rocks safely.
  4. Drive slowly in the lowest gear possible in low range and in 4wd. A crawl over a rock is successful when done at low speeds such as 1 mph. If you drive an automatic, use one foot on the brake and one on the throttle to give your vehicle enough power to move without spinning wheels or stopping.
  5. Listen to your spotter. Your spotter tells you through hand motions and speaking what lines to take and how to approach them. If you are rock crawling alone, figure out your path before beginning.
  6. Try to place your tires on high ground or the high spots at all times. This helps avoid damaging the undercarriage. If you cannot locate a high spot, look for an alternative place that will keep your 4×4 on level ground.
  7. Maintain a low speed as you drive off a rock. As the suspension compresses, it is possible to hit the rock with the rock panels.

Above all keep safe and enjoy your offroading and rock crawling.

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