Which routes / Green lanes can I use??

Which routes / Green lanes can I use??  This is a question often asked.

Many Green Lanes are classed as A Byway Open to All Traffic (BOAT) which have proven rights for motor vehicles how ever many 4×4 and off roaders also regularly use a number of unsurfaced unclassified roads (UURs) which have possible, but unproven, rights for motor vehicles. Anyone requiring details concerning which routes are on the ‘list of streets’ should contact the relevant county council.

North Yorkshire County Council provides excellent mapped information on their website,www.northyorks.gov.uk (use the ‘maps’ link at the top of the home page).

You could also look at www.trailwise.org.uk which shows routes in the National Park. Although we cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of this external website, it does appear to show the up-to-date status of most routes.

Many routes can be found on ordnance survey maps.

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