Terrafirma 2″ Suspention Kit (lift kit)

Suspension on your offroad vehicle is important!


Many vehicles, like Land Rover Defenders, have a good setup as standard but are limited when you try more twisty or dirty green lanes or offroad sites. Adding a good set of tyres is a must for any offroad driving but increasing the size of the wheels and tyres can also cause suspension issues, ie wheels rubbing in the arches under compression.

A good suspension kit is a must! Click here to read about suspension.

A good kit for a Land Rover that is getting good reviews by both basic and more extreme offroad users in the Terrafirma lift kit, Terrafirma 2″ Suspention Kit. http://www.terrafirma4x4.com/products_php.php?cat=106&grp=16

the TERRAFIRMA 2″ PRO SPORT MINI DISLOCATION KIT includes front and rear pro sport shock absorbers, dislocation cones, front shock turret securing rings and coil spring retaining plates and all necessary bushes etc.

Pro sport shock absorbers are better than standard by giving a tougher durability when going off road and yet more stability and more improved drive quality when on road.

the TERRAFIRMA 2″ PRO SPORT MINI DISLOCATION KIT will fit the Land Rover Defender 90, Discovery 1 and Range Rover Classic.

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