Top Gear USA Off Road Adventure


To determine America’s toughest truck, the hosts of the American Version of Top Gear travel to Alaska to test 3 trucks offroad.

They are given $3,000 to buy pick-up trucks, with the conditions that the truck has at least 150,000 miles (240,000 km) and are bought sight unseen. Tanner buys a 1983 Chevrolet C/K, Rutledge buys a 1997 Dodge Ram, and Adam buys a 1976 Ford F-250. After seeing their purchases for the first time, they are informed that anyone whose truck breaks will be forced to drive an imported Toyota Hilux, which they claim will make them a national disgrace.

Challenge 1: Each host must accelerate their truck to 30 miles an hour along a trail, then brake at a marker placed 30 feet from the edge of a lake. Adam and Tanner pass with several feet to spare, but, due to his co-hosts moving the marker closer to the water, Rutledge fails. The hosts are then told to drive to Fairbanks, where they are told that they must convert their trucks into campers overnight to survive in the wilderness. The next day, Tanner reveals he has built a metal ramp-shaped tent, to which he has attached several spoilers, which he claims will generate additional downforce. Rutledge has built a log cabin in the back of his truck, although it features a hole at the end of the bed for his feet due to it being too small. Adam has attached a large metal cage with pictures of lions, which he hopes will scare off any wild animals.

Challenge 2: The three must climb to the top of Fish Creek. Along the way, all three get stuck; Adam during a river crossing, and Tanner and Rutledge (in the same place) bog down on the muddy trail. Each time their co-hosts pitch in and pull them out. Eventually, they make it to the top, where they make camp.

Challenge 3: As their final challenge, they must drive further south to a glacier, and drive upon it to complete their challenge. Early on, Adam’s truck hits a rock and breaks its driveshaft, thus relegating him to the Hilux and leaving Rutledge and Tanner to press on. Eventually, several trips through the mud begin to take their toll on Rutledge’s truck and, after several scares, it finally dies as well. With both of his co-hosts stuck in the Hilux, Tanner declares himself the winner, but, after being reminded he still has to finish himself, rams the back of his truck into one of the nearby icebergs and climbs onto it to claim victory.

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