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Hi-Lift Jack Handle Keeper

Hi-Lift jack are an essential tool to have with you when offroading, the only downside to the jack is that when you go over the bumps the handle of the jack hits the main body of the jack and rattles. This can become very annoying.

However there is a solution!


The Hi-lift Jack Handle keeper attached to your Hi-Lift jack when not in use and holds the handle in place, stopping that annoying rattle.

If you have a Hi-Lift jack, which I suggest you should, and want to stop it rattling then this is a MUST.


Hi-Lift Jack Offroad Base

Hi-Lift Off-Road Base is designed to alleviate jack sinkage on soft surfaces, and can be used with all models of Hi-Lift jacks.



Newly designed Off-Road Base has serrated teeth along one complete side of the base. These teeth allow the user to scrape at hard dirt or gravel, to make a clear flat spot for the base to sit while being used in the lifting process.

A clear flat area gives the Off-Road Base a better footing during the lifting process also. There has also been a hole drilled thru the center, which allows the user to attach the base to the Hi-Lift jack bar for storage when not in use.

Using a 5/16 inch x 4 inch bolt and wing-nut (not provided), the Off-Road Base is easily attached to the Hi-Lift jack for easy access when needed, and convenient storage when not.

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Hi-lift Jack X-TREME

As you know from other posts I have written, a Hi-Lift jack is a handy and Essential piece of kit to have when offroading.


How ever if you want to step up a gear and go for something more extreme, the the Hi-Lift X-TREME jack is for you.

The Hi-Lift X-treme is the top of the line all-cast jack that include the special features, charcoal metallic powder-coat finish, gold zinc-coated hardware and handle, and a special top winch-clamp-spreader attachment with 7/8 inch holes for easy/secure non-binding shackle attachment, a 3/8 inch chain slot for easy/secure winching and quick slack adjusment with no hook required and a cut-out wedge for gripping when spreading an object.

  • Unique gold zinc-coated winch-clamp spreader attachment
  • Powder coated finish with gold zinc-coated hardware
  • Safe use information including rated load details and operating instructions
  • Two piece handle and socket is durable and reliable

The Hi-lift x-treme has great 5 star reviews on amazon!

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Hi-Lift Handle-All

Handle-All, by hi-lift, is a multi-functional tool perfect for offroading trips. The handle-all kit is a telescoping handle and 4 full-sized implements.

When driving off-road, it is essential to have recovery equipment. Most reliable sources strongly suggest a Hi-Lift jack, a shovel, and an axe as minimal gear. In fact, many off-road parks consider these items mandatory equipment.

The Handle-All
kit byt Hi-lift is compact and rugged, while maintaining full-size utility. Perfect for camping, off-roading, recreation, farming, ranching, and forestry. Stores compactly alongside other accessories.

A compact set of tools ideal for off-road vehicles where storage space for supplies, equipment, and tools is limited.

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