Wilton Offroad Centre

Wilton Offroad centre Is Currently Closed

Wilton Offroad Centre Terms & Conditions

Any person or persons entering the site do so at their own risk, Wilton offroad center cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained while visiting, arriving or leaving the center. All persons are responsible for their own health and safety and that of other people at the center. Wilton offroad center or any employee will not be responsible for any loss or damage to personal property any property left in vehicles or on the site of the center is left at the owners own risk. Wilton offroad center is not responsible for any damage to vehicles whilst on the site, members drive at their own risk. All drivers must take care and be considerate and respectful to other users of the site. Everyone must be aware that there may be others around the site not in vehicles and care must be taken when driving around, anyone driving in a reckless or dangerous manner will be asked to leave and membership may be revoked. Visitors to the center are asked to take all rubbish home with them and leave the countryside clean and safe for others. When leaving the site could all drivers please make sure that their lights and number plates are clearly visible as this is a legal requirement. We ask that members try not to make too much mess on the roads with mud grass etc this will help keep the roads safe for other users. A recovery service is available for those who get stuck however a may be made to cover costs incurred by the center. If you are unsure of driving in any area please ask for advice before entering. Please be aware that the area is also home to wildlife.


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