Offroad North East

Off Road North East was started in 2001 for 4×4 enthusiasts who want to meet other friendly 4×4 enthusiasts within the North East UK. The goal is to offer a online community that would appeal to all offroaders, from the novice with his road legal 4×4 to the experienced offroaders with his highly modified trials vehicle, and everyone in between, male, female, young or old. All you need is a sense of fun and adventure, you don’t even need a 4×4 to start, someone is always willing to show you the ropes and give you the benefit of their experience.

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You May Want…

  • Headlight Restoration
    Over time your headlights can become foggy looking. This is caused by ages and UV damage and dirt buildup. It looks alot like cataracts for cars, and not only
  • Hi-Lift 60″ Jack
    Is you offroad truck/jeep got an extreme suspention lift or have extreme suspention travel? You may need a longer Hi-Lift jack. Don’t Worry, high lift offer a 60 inch
  • Hi-Lift Handle-All
    Handle-All, by hi-lift, is a multi-functional tool perfect for offroading trips. The handle-all kit is a telescoping handle and 4 full-sized implements. When driving off-road, it is essential to
  • Hi-Lift Jack 48″ Jack HL485
    Hi-lift Jacks are essential pieces of kit for off roading and recovery. Hi-lift jacks are designed to help you survive in the most demanding situations – whether you are

Parts For Sale Locally

Offroad & Landrover Parts For sale Locally in Middlebrough, Stockton, Durham, Cleveland, Teesside and surrounding Areas.