Land Rover Defender Buyers Guide

Before Buying A Land Rover

Looking to buy a Land Rover Defender? Confused by all the different models, engines, wheel bases? Bewildered by conflicting advice from friends, colleagues and ‘experts’? then you are not alone. I hope this this guide helps.

The phenomenon that is Land Rover began in 1948 when the Series I was released with the advertising slogan the ‘go anywhere’ vehicle. Fifty-Seven years later, what began as a post war project to keep the Rover Car Company afloat has developed into a British motoring legend and over two-thirds of Land Rover’s sold in the last half century are still in use today.

The first thing to understand is that there are an almost infinite number of variations on the basic Land Rover design. Since 1958 there have been three basic chassis lengths, about half a dozen different engines and dozens of permutations of seating, loadspace and window arrangement to choose from. Thanks to the bolt-together modular construction of Land Rovers, it can often be easier to modify an existing vehicle to suit your requirements than to try and find one which already meets them. So before you start browsing Land Rover For Sale then consider what you want a Land Rover For. Maybe you want a Land Rover for Towing a horsebox? Camping holidays? Offroad adventures? Carrying two people, or twelve? Long distances, or just local trips?

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