TD5 EGR Removal Kits – Performance Mod

Looking to improve your TD5 Land Rover and get some more power and performance? Then the EGR REMOVAL KIT FROM TERRAFIRMA is a good place to start.

EGR Valve removal on a TD5 is a common mod.

By removing the EGR Valve this stops “dirty” exhaust gases being recirculated back through the intake and into the combustion chambers. The ERG system was simply fitted by manufacturers to help reduce emissions from the vehicle, but it affects its performance as well. By removing the EGR, intake air becomes cleaner (no exhaust gases) and removal of the valve itself also takes away the restriction to the airflow, meaning there is more air flow for the intakes which has more oxygen, meaning a bigger and better burn, MORE POWER!

On the “earlier” 300 TDi Discovery’s, all you needed was a blanking plate to blank off the exhaust tap off that went back into the intake system, on the TD5 however, its much better to still blank of the pipe and also remove the valve completely to remove the restriction as well, this needs to be replaced with a EGR Removal Kit.

These kits are available from numerous brand including Terrafirma, TD5 Alive, JGS 4×4, LRI Solutions plus many more, and range from £30 – £60 depending on the brand and are a DIY figment with only basic knowledge.

You TD5 will have more power and performance and will still pass emissions on MOT.

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