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Range Rover, Discovery and Defender Modification Guide

Buying a Land Rover, no matter which you buy, Range Rover, Discovery or Defender can be the start of a wonderful adventure.

Land Rovers are great adventure vehicles for offroading and green laning as well as great work horses. But what Land Rover give you is just the start of the possibilities of what your Land Rover can be or do.  This book shows the possibilities available to the owner, from big wheels and suspension lifts, under-body protection and tuning ideas, right up to how to convert the car into a high speed racer or an international expedition vehicle.



This Land Rover modification guide has clear, jargon-free instructions, advice on events like family weekend green-laning, international expeditions and full-on competition, accompanied by colour photographs throughout, this is the definitive guide to getting the most from these exciting vehicles.

A world of fun, excitement, exploration and satisfaction awaits the owner of one of these iconic Land Rovers and this book is your ticket to that wonderful world.

Some of the most popular Land Rover pastimes are detailed here, with explanations of how to take part and what equipment you need. This unique book explains how these versatile machines can be modified to suit a vast range of applications, from simple upgrades for easier everyday driving and servicing/renovation tips, right up to large scale conversions for racing, trialling and international expeditions.

Everything is explained in clear, straightforward text, written by a qualified engineer and Land Rover enthusiast with many years of practical experience, and accompanied by detailed photographs to show the reader how it’s all done. Many of the modifications shown were carried out on the writer’s own vehicles, giving the reader an honest account of the effort involved bruised knuckles and all. Featuring ‘how to’ sections, comparison charts to help you choose which modifications are right for you, detailed spec sheets, and lists of useful contacts.

This guide covers how to modify all three Land Rover coil sprung models, Defender, Discovery and Range Rover Classic and practical maintenance and restoration advice to keep your Land Rover running as well as data sheets with vehicle dimensions, capacities and performance.

This guide is written by a qualified engineer and Land Rover enthusiast with much experience and is a must for all Land Rover Discover, Defender and Range Rover Classic owner looking to do off roading.

Follow this link to have a peak inside and see if this guide is for you before buying.

Land Rover Discovery Modification Guide

Land Rovers are known as one of the best vehicles for offroading and Discovery is no exception. The Land Rover Discovery is a capable offroad vehicle, but in its standard for is limited to basic greenlanes/farm tracks. For the more routed greenlanes or serious offroading some modifications are required.


If you are looking to modify your Land Rover discovery then this guide will help you get your Discovery offroad capable without removing any of the comfort.

The Discovery, unveiled in 1989, quickly became the ultimate 4×4 vehicle competing in both the family and the off-road markets. But the true spirit of the Discovery is found in its off-road ability, which can be enhanced with a huge range of modifications that are easily available. Let Haynes show you how to create the ultimate show-stopping, performance-enhanced vehicle that could very easily take you to the end of the world and back – in more ways than one!

Land Rover Discovery Modifying Manual (Haynes Service and Repair Manuals) you can get your self a copy here and get your self off road in your Land Rover Discovery

How To Modify Your Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender Modifying Manual: A Practical Guide to Upgrades (Haynes Modifying Manuals)

Land Rover Defender Modifying Manual
Land Rover Defender Modifying Manual

Land Rover Defender Modifying Manual: A Practical Guide to Upgrades (Haynes Modifying Manuals) Haynes Manual provides a practical guide to modifications and upgrades for Defender owners who wish to update or improve their vehicles. Coverage includes modifications for recreational off-road use, as well as modifications intended to improve comfort and cosmetic appearance.

The legendary ‘classic’ Land Rover – the mainstay of the four-wheel-drive market world-wide for over 60 years – was rebranded Defender in 1990, and has upheld Land Rover’s reputation for producing rugged workhorses, with unbeatable off-road capability.

This is a must for anyone looking to modify their Land Rover Defender for off road use.

Buy your copy of Land Rover Defender Modifying Manual: A Practical Guide to Upgrades (Haynes Modifying Manuals) here from Amazon