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4×4 Winch Service and Repair Guide

The Winch Repair and Service Guide DVD is for people who own or are looking to buy and fit a winch to their 4×4.


In this DVD you get over an hour and a half of step by step guides to save you ££££s...

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Guide to Buying & Selling a Land Rover

Buy and selling a Land Rover can be daunting. This Guide by Haynes gives you tips and tricks to getting the best deals.
This is a comprehensive guide to buying and selling a Land Rover, by Haynes, covers Land Rover models from a Series 1 to a Freelander.
This book is comprehensively illustrated and provides advice to help the reader locate a vehicle that fits their requirements, assess its ...
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Land Rover Discovery Buyers Guide

Land Rover’s Discovery was a massive success for Land Rover. Bringing the comfort of a Range Rover and the offroad Capabilities of the Defender and for a mid-range price was a stroke of genius. The Discovery swiftly become a best-seller and, in many countries, also a best-seller in its class.


This popularity mean that means there are many examples on the second-hand market with a large number o...

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Land Rover Discovery Modification Guide

Land Rovers are known as one of the best vehicles for offroading and Discovery is no exception. The Land Rover Discovery is a capable offroad vehicle, but in its standard for is limited to basic greenlanes/farm tracks. For the more routed greenlanes or serious offroading some modifications are required.


If you are looking to modify your Land Rover discovery then this guide will help you get your ...

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Thinking of building a Hybrid Land Rover?

Are you thinking of building a Land Rover Hybrid?? A good place to start is with the following book Hybrid Land Rovers: The Ultimate Home-made 4x4s for Recreation and Motorsport

A hybrid Land Rover is one made up of parts from two or more different models...

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Land Rover Driving Techniques

Land Rover Driving Techniques (Brooklands)

Land Rover Driving Techniques (Brooklands)

Land Rover Driving Techniques (Brooklands)

Official Land Rover 32 page booklet guide to the more important aspects of off-roading to enable you, with practice, to get maximum benefit from the vehicle and properly maintain it.

This is a great booklet and for only a couple of quid from Amazon.

Get your copy of Land Rover Driving Techniques (Brooklands) here...

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